Allied Security Forces - About Us

Allied Security Forces Ltd. is a premium supplier of security solutions. It started its journey in a very small scale, but gradually it has expanded as well as diversified its service types, we had a very good workforce, Trainers, as well as experienced professionals.

In our Advisory council, we have very reputed & honored persons of our country. High government officials are also kind enough to advise us.

Allied Security Forces Ltd is unique for the following characteristics:

  • Highly Trained & well equipped
  • We follow TQM for international standards.
  • We are very strict about our time & schedule, so we do briefing regularly
  • We are consistent about our services
  • We have a good range of security material, i.e. wireless, metal detectors, night-vision mode CC TV etc.
  • Trained armed forces with licensed.
  • Fully uniformed, in case of V.I.P. or Bodyguard we provide civil dress(Safari)
  • We also provide lady security guards

Our Featured Services

Our Facility Services

  • Corporate Services
    • Front Desk/Receptionist
    • Office Boy
    • Office Assistants
    • Computer / Data Entry Operators
    • Safe Transportation
    • Driver
  • Maintenance Service
    • Lift Operator
    • Electrician & Plumper
    • Carpenters & Painters
    • Gardener
  • Cleaning Services
    • Cleaner
    • Cleaning Material, Machines & Equipment's