Allied Security Forces Limited - Facility Services

Maintenance Services

  • Lift Operator

    We have skillful operator to transport passengers between floors of office building, apartment house, department store, hotel, or similar establishment: Pushes buttons or moves lever to control movement of elevator on signal or instructions from passengers or others.

  • Electrician & Plumper

    Our electricians are highly qualified and they all are endorsed with following expertise:

    • Installing power systems, lighting, fire protection, security and data-network systems in all types of buildings
    • Maintenance electrician - checking systems regularly to make sure that they are working efficiently and safely
    • Electro technical panel builders - building and installing control panels that operate the electrical systems inside buildings
    • Machine repair and rewind electrician - repairing and maintaining electrical motors and other machinery like transformers to make sure that they work correctly

  • Carpenters & Painters

    ASF can provide people with proficiency in following field.

  • Gardener

    Responsible for weeding, planting, pruning and watering as well as the general maintenance and appearance of the grounds, gardens and buildings. Striving to create a pleasant environment that is safe and secure for both the garden owners and visitors.