Allied Security Forces - Featured Services

Featured Services

  • Residential House or Apartments security

    Simply put, security for apartment complexes is our specialty. We do it, and we do it better than any other company out there. We take the utmost pride in offering the absolute best service in the industry.

  • Bank Security

    We provide comprehensive security and advice to a range of financial institutions on the threat level and track records of potential menace and penetration vulnerabilities. We are also experts on anti-robbery procedures and measures to combat fraud, as well as having privileged access in cases where due diligence reports are required. Our enviable range of deep sources provides our clients with unique intelligence and enables them to make well-informed decisions.

  • Building construction site security

    We are specialized in construction security, so we are able to provide experienced and quality security guards to regularly patrol the site.  Our guards throughout the allocated time of guarding walk around the construction site passing check points as they did so, which would be recorded within the security system. These records detailing what time each checkpoint was passed and how often can then be seen through a private account belonging to the client. This is a feature offered by us to ensure our clients receive the best possible service available.

  • Office security

    Our officers take a proactive approach and work to prevent crime and disturbances through high-visibility patrols and posts. But in those worst-case scenarios, our officers are highly trained to respond to any criminal activity and emergencies.

  • Car parking security

    Throughout the shift guards walk around constantly and keep a keen eye on every vehicle on the premises. Guards are also trained to detect and handle suspicious behavior. 

  • Event management security

    In this period of anarchy running an event management firm can be a risky job. We have evaluated the risks concerning this business and thought of managing it in a very efficient and safe way.

  • Hospital security

    Hospital Security Guards are fully insured and vetted.

    Hospital Security Guards are :

    • Uniformed
    • Vetted Security Operatives
    • Professional, Experienced, Mature
    • Reliable, Punctual, Polite, Trustworthy
    • Self Defense trained
    • First Aid trained
    • Able to look after your Hospital, patients, and staff
    • Available for holiday or sickness cover
    • Single shift cover
    • Long or short term contract


  • Personal bodyguard or Gunman

    Our personal bodyguards are highly skilled and trained. We employ guards with following attributes:

    1. Courage, honesty and integrity
    2. Strong ethical and moral belief
    3. Sense of duty towards the public (they are safe guarding), employers and themselves should be very strong
    4. Good communication skill
    5. Should be able to provide proper and flawless information to the visitors regarding the security policies of their company
    6. Should be able to follow the instruction of their leaders in entirety and at the same time lead from the front in case of a dangerous situation

  • Showroom security

    Showroom Security has special needs that are not present in other situations. Not only do guards have to monitor areas such lobbies and other areas also must be guarded against theft. Guests routinely leave a bag or two behind when leaving, providing an excellent opportunity for thieves to grab something and attempt a quick getaway. These days, you can never be sure that things will go as planned, so having a security guard on duty is always a good strategy. ASF Security has security officers that are fully trained to combat this threat. Showroom and building security is a top concern, and G3F Protection is ready to solve the problem.

  • Petrol security by motor vehicles

    Our Patrol Officers do not do the typical “drive-thru” patrol that most companies offer at cheap rates.  Our Patrol Officer arrives on your property and gets out of his vehicle.  He then patrols your property for the prescribed amount of time, interacting with residents and getting to know the nuances of your community.

  • School, college & university security

    ASF Security Services is committed to keeping your campuses safe for everyone. We strive to meet the needs of everyone within the community by providing security services and resources to keep you safe and secure. Working together with different members of the community is what makes our security partnership work. All of our security personnel are trained to a high professional standard to ensure your safety and to deal with any incidents that may occur.

  • Industrial security

    Industry Security Services provides a wide variety of security services.  Access control, vehicle patrol, and deterring theft and vandalism at your property are just a few of the most popular services we offer.  

    • A few of the services we offer are:
    • Construction Traffic Control
    • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • Egress and Ingress Control
    • Commercial Office Buildings
    • Patrol Services
    • Government and Municipal Services
    • Distribution and Warehouses
    • Special Event Staff
    • Parking Lot Attendant

  • V.I.P. security

    V.I.P. Security Services provides discreet and sophisticated VIP Personal Protection, escorting you to your venue in a timely and safe manner. VIP services are personalized to meet your specific needs. Advance work, including personalized vulnerability and threat assessments, are performed ahead of time to secure that your experience is hassle-free. At your venue, both close-in and/or stand-off personal protection services are available.

  • Detective works/ secret agents

    ASF has investigative officers who are capable of handling all your investigation needs. We are licensed and insured, We have over seventeen years of experience.  We offer a wide range of service for our clients that include attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, other investigation companies and regular people just like you.  Some of our services include marital investigations, insurance fraud, loss prevention, asset, witness and missing person location.